Dark Matter Candy
Package Design + Branding
Nodding off into sleep can be difficult for one too many people. Gummies, coming in three different flavors and carefully packaged into individual servings per packet, provide a non messy and tasty eating experience to gently lull the user into an action of monotonous chewing, while gently helping the brain and body relax with melatonin into a good night sleep.
The name, Dark Matter, combines the concepts of floating into deep, uncharted space - like dreams- and the familiar darkness of night time.
Package Design
I started with the visual development of the art on the packaging. The concept of each flavor having its own planet and unique color scheme fit well with the overall concept of the brand. Each package is no more than 50 grams.
Close up of each package
While chewing Dark Matter gummies, you can also help yourself unwind to Dark Matter's Instagram feed, with each post containing a short fact about astronomy.
Student project for Holon Institute of Technology under the mentorship of Peddy Mergui
Tools used
Huion Kamvas 22 Plus tablet
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